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Yong Cho, CEO of UNBS

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"Although we now have offices in 13 states, Howard County will always be UNBS' home. Howard County is a richly diverse community in terms of demographics that offers great opportunities to businesses, both large and small. In addition, the support that Howard County offers to its home-grown businesses to grow and prosper is unique and unmatched." - Yong Cho, CEO

United National Bankcard Services (UNBS) was founded in 1999 with a mission of helping small businesses with merchant services. Today, UNBS is a leading cash flow solutions company offering variety of products and services across the United States with offices 12 States. UNBS was founded on the principle that the right electronic payment processes supported by technology and a responsive staff can increase our customer's bottom line, increase revenue while protecting customer relationships. UNBS has designed variety of electronic payment solutions that will increase the cash flow by increasing sales and improving customer service. In addition to the solutions, UNBS team is constantly searching for latest technologies, threats, and regulatory changes to provide our customers with solutions that are cost effective, secure, and regulatory compliant. UNBS works with our customers as a team to choose a plan that matches your objectives and industry.

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United National Bankcard Services (UNBS) in Howard County, MD

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