solutionWe have over 15 years of experience in safe and secure credit card processing. Let our expertise to work for you.

UNBS was founded on the principles that the right electronic payment processes supported by technology and a responsive staff can increase our customer’s bottom line, increase revenue while protecting your customer relationships.

UNBS has designed variety of electronic payment solutions that will increase the cash flow by increasing sales and improving customer service. In addition to the solutions, UNBS team is constantly searching for latest technologies, threats, and regulatory changes to provide our customers with solutions that are cost effective, secure, and regulatory compliant. UNBS works with our customers as a team to choose a plan that matches your objectives and industry.

Card Processing


Same characteristics as retail accounts however, merchant has the ability to add tip(s) to the transactions.

Gift Card

An exciting way to expand a one’s business! Gift Cards can raise sales and market one’s business in the most cost effective way possible. This product can turn one time customers into loyal customers with these rechargeable cards. A wonderful opportunity to brand cards with a custom design and or business logo.


Retail sales are strictly face to face transactions via credit card terminal. Most of the merchant’s sales are swiped with less than 20% of their transactions being keyed in manually. Retail consumers have the ability to use their credit card and debit card at these locations.

Check Processing

Telecheck Service provides both merchant and customer with additional payment options. The electronic check acceptance solution turns a paper check into electronic “cash” that is quickly and securely paid to the merchant with increased level of protection and efficient option for accepting check at the point-of-sale.

Mail/Phone Order (MOTO)

Mail order/phone orders strictly are non-swiped and non-face to face transactions. This type of service is recommended for merchants who do not have a store front or store location and for merchants who do not sell products in non-face to face transactions.


A way to keep up with today’s internet based shopping market. Open up your business to the World Wide Web and let UNBS offer you payment gateways that enables you to receive your payments via your own website. You don’t need an actual store and let your website become that store in the convenience of your own home.

What is needed to start up:

  • Own website enabled with the shopping cart.
  • A processing account with UNBS
  • Payment Gateway that UNBS will help you set up